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Annual General Meeting Report

The AGM was held on 20th September and we had a fantastic turnout at Bourke’s Hotel. Apologies to those who attended for the crowded conditions, we are not sure why we were put into a smaller room and then the crowd exceeded expectations. We will make sure we have plenty of room for next year.

Thanks to Emma from MBCM for Chairing the meeting. It has been difficult for her taking over on 1st July and not receiving the information in a timely manner from Ross Hunt. MBCM have done a great job getting on top of the financials etc. We look forward to working closely with MBCM for the next 3 years of their contract.

I would like to welcome John Rowley from Gateway Lifestyle to our committee. Gateway will be making a significant investment at Silverwoods over the coming years. The development of the Lifestyle Village will be a great addition to the accommodation options at Silverwoods and bring with it a significant group of owner occupiers. There has been considerable talk about the contribution of Gateway to the Owners Corporation and I can assure you all that they are already paying OC fees based on 60 residential lots which was the liability attached to the land they have purchased when the subdivision was done originally. I am sure that John will bring much to the table as he is vastly experienced in property development and management and also has experience of Owners Corporation procedures.

I would also like to welcome Donna Hancock to the Committee. Donna is just moving into the estate and has taken an immediate decision to get involved in the Owners Corporation. She has experience in Corporate Administration and we look forward to her input. Our 2 new members join the current committee who have all renominated for the Committee. The Committee is now as follows:

Wayne Limbrick, Nick Ciavarella, Barry Shepherd, Ray Knights, Andrew Beggs, Richard Franklin, Daniel Smith, Dean Wells, John Rowley and Donna Hancock. We have called our first meeting for 23rd October and at that meeting will elect a Chairman and also deal with several matters which arose at the AGM together with ongoing business.

One of our major issues is the arrears of Owners Corporation Fees. This matter was severely neglected by Ross Hunt and we are just getting on top of it now. Reminders will be sent to all owners in the next week or so and failure to pay arrears or make arrangements to pay, will result in action being taken against the owners to recover the debt. All costs involved in this action will be paid by the owners. It is frustrating that we have to do this, but the funds outstanding are needed to meet our budget and allow us to run the estate for the benefit of all.

There is also an ongoing issue with the appearance of the estate with numerous complaints in regard to bins being left in the front of homes and the state of vacant blocks. We are in the process of taking action in regard to both. All vacant lot owners are reminded that they are required to keep their lot clean, mowed and sprayed. A letter to that effect has been sent to all lot owners in recent days and we will act if the lots are not cleaned up. We are also taking action issuing breach notices in regard to bins left at the front of properties. This has been an ongoing issue for 2 years and simply has to stop. It is a clear breach of the Owners Corporation Rules and brings down the appearance of the estate. If you are guilty of leaving your bins out other than on collection day, I suggest you act immediately to remove them or there will be financial consequences.

On a happier note, the new playground for the park in Robinson Way on the corner of Freddie Court has arrived and will be installed by the supplier, BIAM Playgrounds and Shade Sails together with Moira Shire in mid October. The playground and the installation are all paid for by Moira Shire and I am sure families in the estate will welcome this addition to the Silverwoods facilities. I do ask however, that all users consider the amenity of the estate and minimise the noise and also supervise the children to avoid injury and damage to the equipment.

I urge all owners and residents to be pro active in reporting damage or other issues around the estate. We have lots of trucks etc. still moving around the place and damage being caused to roads, footpaths, manholes etc. If anyone witnesses any incident, please record the details of the vehicle and the owner of possible and send to MBCM, This will allow us to pursue for the damage rather than the OC having to meet the cost which has happened on many occasions to date. The Committee are vigilant but we cannot be everywhere all the time. Time and dated photos would be helpful.

Your Committee look forward to another year of growth around the estate. We will see significant changes as the Sebel starts to take shape and will also see works begin on the Gateway Village. Infrastructure work will begin on stage 7 and the waterfront boardwalk will be completed as will associated foreshore landscaping. We hope that all residents are confident to raise issues at any time. The appropriate course is via MBCM who will deal with matters that they can and refer others to the Committee where necessary.

The minutes of the AGM will be posted on this site as soon as they are completed.


Wayne Limbrick-Chairman