Monthly Archives November 2018

Playground Surrounds and Christmas

The playground is now fully operational and by all accounts, getting lots of use which is fantastic. As there is quite a bit of fall in the park toward the drainage sump, the Western end was quite high so we have had Mark Haley install a garden bed around that end which has come up really well. This will discourage anyone from trying to exit the playground from that end, reducing the risk of a fall. due to the amount of fill, the actual pit on which the equipment is installed, is quite high. We will monitor issues around access for smaller children, disabled or carers and if needed, will install a ramp or steps. If anyone has a complaint or concern about access, please let us know so we can deal with it.
You should have all received your invitation to the Xmas get together by now. Emails have been sent out and we will do a letterbox drop over the weekend or early next week to ensure everyone knows what we have planned. The committee hopes we can get a good attendance. There are many new residents so a nice way to get to know each other.
There is a lot going on around the estate at the moment with the near completion of the waterfront landscaping. I think we will all agree it looks fantastic. The boardwalks are for foot traffic only so please, no golf carts or bikes on the boardwalks and bike riders on the path, please be careful and respect the walkers.
You will notice that many cracks have been repaired in the roadways in the past couple of weeks. As we are now clear on who is responsible for maintenance, we are working on getting roads and footpaths back into shape. There will be quite a bit of work on the concrete paths in coming weeks so please be careful. Much of the work is in Phillip Hyland Drive and Coco Crescent and we will try to limit inconvenience to residents but we need to get the work done.
We look forward to seeing as many owners and residents as possible at the get together on 9th December.