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Committee Update 13/08/2020

It has been some time since our last update and I apologise for that. There has been a lot going on around the estate and as you will all be aware, the past 6 months has been a nightmare for us all with the impact of Covid 19 and associated restrictions.Since our last report, we have seen a significant number of new homes under construction and completed all around the estate and significant new development by Lotus in stages 7a, 7b, 8 and 11a. Sales have been strong and we are witnessing the construction of a substantial display village in and around 7a in addition to the Metricon Display in Phillip Hyland Drive. I welcome all our new owners on behalf of the Owners Corporation and hope that you find Silverwoods as livable as we do.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Lotus in getting the Sebel Resort completed and ready to open as soon as this crazy virus allows. The resort was originally set to open in May, but due to travel restrictions, now not likely to open before November. Anyone who has been around or inside the building will, I am sure, be blown away by the beauty of the building and the surrounds. It certainly makes a statement on the foreshore of the lake and will be the Jewel in the Crown of our estate. We certainly look forward to being able to enjoy the facilities as soon as it can be opened.

I also congratulate Lotus, McCully Golf and Turnpoint for maintaining the golf course in amazing condition and going over and beyond to get people back on the course as soon as it was possible and managing the frantic pace and restrictions since. Lets hope we can get back to some normal conditions soon to take off all the additional pressures.

Thanks goes to Moira Shire Council for its ongoing commitment to our facilities plan for Parks and Gardens within Silverwoods. Over the past 3 years we have seen the installation of the large playground in Robinson Park, seats located around Silverwoods Blvd and Robinson Way for our walkers, shade sale over the playground and our new swings etc in Hyland Park. There has also been an installation of exercise stations in Melrose Park. Over coming months, there will also be some additional seats provided in parks and around the walking circuit. We hope to secure funding in the current rate year for more seats including along the waterfront and additional equipment in some of the pocket parks.

You may notice my reference to parks by name above. At our most recent Committee meeting, it was agreed that we would name the major parks within the estate. After some discussion and options, we have settled on naming them in accordance with the streets adjacent to keep it simple. Consequently, we will now refer to them as Hyland Park, the park on Phillip Hyland Drive and Coco Crescent, Robinson Park for the park on the corner of Robinson Way and Freddie Court, Melrose Park for the park on Melrose Drive and Park Lane, Doongara Park on cnr of Doongara Street and Robinson Way, Adoni Green will remain unchanged. We will soon see new parks in stage 7b and will be named Thomson Park and Fairway Park.

The Committee agreed at its meeting in June, to reinstall its Garden Sub Committee to oversee the maintenance and development of our parks and gardens. This committee currently Chaired by Donna Hancock, includes Committee Members Edith Mason and Rita Wilson. We will be seeking volunteers from our residents to also join this committee which will act as an advisory group to the Owners Corporation. The committee has already made progress on works to be done on grass area in Hyland Park together with landscaping in the same park to compliment the new playground. It will also look at compliance with landscaping guidelines on lots etc. We ask that all owners be aware of the planting and design restrictions in the Design Guidelines and the need to have Garden and Landscape plans approved by the Design Architect prior to commencement.

I remind all owners of vacant lots that they must maintain them in a neat and tidy state so as not to make the estate look unkempt. We understand that some will not be able to attend personally to mow due to restrictions, but remind those owners that they can authorise the Committee to have our contractor mow and spray for them by contacting MBCM.

The Annual General Meeting would normally be held in late August or early September. With the current Covid 19 restrictions around gathering numbers and social distancing, we have decided to postpone the meeting at this stage. We will review the matter at our October meeting when we will be more clear on restrictions going forward, however it is acknowledged that, holding a normal AGM is highly unlikely. We will look at viable options to a public meeting while ensuring that all owners have an opportunity to participate as much as is possible. I can assure you that the current committee are committed to continuing our role until such time as the meeting can be held. We have adopted a budget in principal to follow in the interim and ensured that insurances and other compliance matters are dealt with in a timely manner.

On behalf of the Committee, I hope that you all manage to stay safe and Covid free. In particular, our thoughts are with our Melbourne owners who are subject to Stage 4 restrictions and clearly a much higher threat than we are.

If anyone has any queries or issues they wish to raise with the Committee, please do not hesitate to send your request to MBCM who will pass on to the committee for attention.


Wayne Limbrick


Sebel and Infinity Pool