Monthly Archives April 2022

Owners Corportation and Residents Update

Sorry that it has been some time between posts on this site. The Owners Corporation Committee and Managers have certainly been busy over the past months and there is a lot going on around the estate.

New home builds are crazy at the moment as we see the new stages of the development filling up rapidly and we look forward to welcoming many new residents and owners in coming months. The Covid Pandemic has certainly had an impact on the real estate market and we see new blocks now selling very quickly and a scramble for new developments throughout the entire Shire.

We have recently confirmed our order for exercise equipment from Moira Shire Council to be installed in Robinson Park and in the new park in Peter Thompson Circuit. We have also placed a request for 2 more exercise stations and playground equipment for Peter Thompson Park in next years Council Budget. If successful, the intent is to build an exercise circuit right around the estate to encourage residents to exercise and explore this amazing place. In addition, the installation of more seating in the pocket parks along the lake and in Melrose Park is imminent as are a couple of doggy stations.

A constant source of frustration with the Committee, is the continued lack of understanding of the Design Guidelines and the need for approval from the Design Review Committee, for landscaping and construction post initial build. Clearly, we should all understand that approval must be sought for initial building plans and landscaping, but it is also critical that, before taking any steps to add to the original build, that approval is sought from the DRC, not just from Moira Shire if needed. We currently have a number of issues around the estate in regard to structures not approved by the DRC, which have impacts on or potential to impact on neighbors. This could be avoided with consultation with neighbors firstly and then agreed proposal submitted to the DRC for approval.

We had hoped to hold a Community get together in the first half of the year, but this has been difficult to organise for various reasons. As we are now moving toward the end of the financial year, it makes sense now to leave this event until the AGM which we will hold at The Sebel, hopefully in late August or early September.

As the estate grows, the need for interested and active Committee members gets greater. If you would like to have a say in what happens around the estate and have an impact on what the place looks like and offers to residents and visitors, please consider nominating for the Committee. We really need good people with a little time and lots of enthusiasm, to drive the Committee going forward and make Silverwoods the best it can be.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter whatever you are doing. I know Yarrawonga will be frantic as it always is on Holiday weekends, but it is no shock to me that people just want to be in Sun Country on the Murray for all it has to offer.