Annual General Meeting 2018

The AGM for the 2017/18 Financial Year will be held at Burke’s Hotel, Belmore Street, Yarrawonga at 6.00pm on Thursday 20th September, 2018.

This will be the first AGM under our new OC Managers MBCM, so we look forward to introducing owners to the team. The transition from Ross Hunt has not gone smoothly, we have had difficulty getting information and are still chasing some financial details. We do however have the final accounts at 30th June, 2018, on which the AGM will rely. There is no reason to assume that the accounts are not accurate, the information we are waiting for is the actual transaction detail for the close of the year from 26th June to 30th June.

You will receive the AGM Agenda and associated information during next week. If you dont have it by weeks end, please contact MBCM on 03 58312913 or Wayne Limbrick on 0402869304.

Playground Equipment

Your Committee have just been informed that Moira Shire Council will fund the supply and installation of the playground equipment in the park on the corner of Robinson Way and Freddie Court. The equipment is as provided in the Parks Masterplan which was displayed at the AGM last year.

We have been working hard to negotiate some concessions in regard to the maintenance of the parks and gardens without success, so this win is a little win for us. The value of the equipment and installation is in excess of $27000- and the Owners Corporation at this stage, will need to fund some landscape works after the equipment is installed.

The image below is what will be built and we hope to have installed ready for use by late August. We are sure that the new addition will be big hit with our little residents and visitors.

Owners Corporation Committee Update

Welcome to 2018 and on behalf of the OC Committee, I wish our owners and residents all the best for the year ahead.

Your Committee has been busy over the past few months, with a number of ongoing and new matters to be dealt with. We remind all owners, that any complaints or matters for attention, must be forwarded to Glenda at Ross Hunt Real Estate, who will then either address them, or refer them to the Committee for attention. We try to deal with matters referred to us as quickly as possible, but the timing will depend on whether we need to seek outside expertise or quotes etc.

I ask that any resident who has an issue while building, in regard to drainage or other issues involving the Owners Corporation, that they refer to Ross Hunt, before proceeding with any work which might create a liability for the OC. We have had a recent issue around unauthorised works and it is much better to discuss and resolve prior to creating a drama.

We had a recent incident with a resident falling as a result of shifting concrete path plates. The matter was quickly attended to by the OC once we were made aware of the problem. I ask that you all actively report any potential issues around the estate to Ross Hunt, so that we can be pro-active in preventing further incidents. As a result of the above matter, we have done an audit of the paths and will attend to a couple of other areas identified in the audit.

It is amazing to see the number of new homes being built in the estate and to continually welcome new owners and residents. Our estate is growing and developing a character of its own, as the variety of designs being built, sets the standard for Yarrawonga and surrounds. While not every house will appeal to us all, in their own way, the vision of individual owners, is  ensuring that we have a varied and beautiful streetscape.

I do remind you all, that in a close community such as ours, the behaviour of each and every resident, has the potential to impact on others and would ask that you all consider your neighbours in all that you do. We have ongoing issues with bins being left out the front of homes for extended periods, poor parking practices, dumping of rubbish on vacant blocks, front gardens and nature strips not landscaped or maintained as required and vehicles travelling at speeds that are dangerous within the estate.

We are pleased to report that work will commence very soon on the waterfront path and boardwalk and you will have already seen significant work done on the site for The Point Resort, which will start to take shape in coming months. You will also soon see works being done on nature strips adjacent to the park in Robinson Way near Melrose Drive and on both sides of Robinson Way from the corner of Silverwoods Blvd to Melrose Drive, in areas where no further building will occur. This will improve the aesthetics of Robinson Way as people enter from the Northern end.

The development of the Greenkeepers Shed is well underway and this will allow the removal of the temporary shed on the Murray Valley Highway as that land is released for sale. I congratulate Lotus, McCully’s and Turnpoint on the continued improvement and maintenance of the golf course and surrounds. The feedback received at the Seniors Pro-am was fantastic and we are lucky to have such an amazing facility at our doorstep.

Again, I wish you all the best for 2018, a year which I think will see very exciting developments in Silverwoods as more homes take shape and we see the commencement of The Point Resort which will be the “Jewel in the Crown” of the estate I have no doubt.

Wayne Limbrick

Chairman, Silverwoods Owners Corporation


Silverwoods Social Club

Residents Liz Grinter and Karen Beggs have successfully re-launched the Silverwoods Social Club and have successfully run a number of social events for the Owners and Residents.

The Melbourne Cup Day function held at the Bull Pen was a great success with lots of fun and laughter and some winners and losers but a great time.

The Christmas Party was also held at the Bull Pen and also well attended and lots of fun had by all. A visit from Santa topped of a fantastic event.

The Social Club intend to have events at various times during the year to help Owners and Residents get to know each other and to help make Silverwoods a great place to live.

If you have any ideas or would like to help Liz and Karen by being on their Committee, please contact Liz on or Karen on There will be a facebook page also that will allow you to like and follow what is happening.

If you haven’t already given Ross Hunt your email address, please do, this will allow for notice of upcoming events and goings on around the estate.

Christmas Greetings

The Owners Corporation Committee and Managers take this opportunity to wish all Owners and Residents a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year. The progress in the estate is amazing at the moment with many new homes under construction and the long awaited opening of the Black Bull Golf Club Pro Shop. The shop looks fantastic and we congratulate Lotus and the McCully family on their efforts to get the building completed and open ready for Christmas. What a great way to showcase our amazing golf course and its facilities than to be playing the course as it was meant to be at the busiest time of the year.

Thanks to Mark Haley and his crew, some work has been done on pruning low hanging trees while we await the report from our Arborist. Having driven around the estate today, it is looking great albeit that some areas are a bit busy due to construction works. The way we are heading it wont be long and all the construction will be completed and the streets become a little more normal.

The first Owners Corporation Committee meeting for 2017 will be held on 10th January. If anyone has any issues they wish discussed, please forward to Glenda at Ross Hunt for inclusion on the agenda.

Again, Merry Xmas to all and a happy New Year