Owners Corporation

The Owners Corporation exists at Silverwoods to manage and maintain all Common Land within the estate. At the moment the only common land is the small planted lots and brick walling on either side of the entrance. The plan of subdivision and Development Plan states that the Owners Corporation will become the registered proprietor of the Golf Course upon the registration of titles for one of the last stages of the development ( being stage 7,8,12, or 13 ). There is however a signed Agreement to Lease between the Owners Corporation and the Developer which will see the Golf Course and more importantly, the maintenance and development of it, immediately pass back to the Developer. The lease will be for a period of Ninety-nine years. The Golf Course will be common land controlled by the Owners Corporation but subject to the lease.

The Owners Corporation is also party to an agreement with Moira Shire pursuant to section 173 of the planning act, a copy of the Section 173 Agreement forms part of all purchase contracts. The Developer is required to progressively complete all Parks, Roads and Roadside Reserves in accordance with the Development Plan for each Stage. Once completed to Council Satisfaction, Council will issue a Compliance Notice which then allows for the registration of titles to the lots within the stage.
Normally, at this point, the Parks, Roads and Roadside Reserves would vest in Council and it would be responsible for all ongoing maintenance. The section 173 Agreements however, pass the maintenance and replacement responsibilities back to the Owners Corporation and ultimately the owners. Currently all owners contribute to the maintenance of the Parks, nature strips and roads in the Owners Corporation Levies. Ultimately the section 173 Agreement will cover the waterfront assets, the path, boardwalks etc., in addition to all roads, parks and nature strips within the estate.

The Owners Corporation must operate within the rules of the Owners Corporation Act, which means we cannot operate outside the above agreements.

The Owners Corporation Managers are MBCM Shepparton, Seymour & Echuca who have an office in Shepparton. The contact is Emma Glazebrook. Emma can be contacted as follows:

Phone:03 5831 2913
Mobile: 0450 669 214
Email: emma@mbcmseymour.com.au

Mail: MBCM Shepparton, Seymour & Echuca, 98A Wyndham Street, Shepparton, Vic, 3630

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